Blue Light 3D Scanning System

XTOM-MATRIX is a high precision optical measurement system, developed and manufactured specially for industrial 3D digital inspection, it's suitable for full-scale 3D digital inspection of geometric shape of the object to be measured.

Blue light 3D scanning system has industrial-gradehigh precision and high stability, it’s able to provide high-precision measurements in harsh environments.

Technical Advantages
  • Blue Light Technology
    The projection unit of XTOM-MATRIX is based on blue-light stripe technology. In the process of image acquisition, it can effectively filter the interference of ambient light. For dark and reflective surfaces, it can greatly improve the scanning quality and measurement accuracy, and improve the data quality.
    System Automatic Monitoring Technology
    The XTOM-MATRIX blue light 3D scanning systemcan continuously monitor the calibration status, conversion accuracy,environmental change and component displacement during the working process, and compensate accordingly to ensure that the system processes are at the best working status, so as to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the measured data.
    Heterodyne Multifrequency Phase Shift Technology
    Based on the principle of binocular stereo vision, XTOM-MATRIX blue light 3D scanning system adopt advanced heterodyne multi-frequency phase shifting technology. Industrial cameras collect images according to the principle of stereo photography. For the measurement of large size objects, complex surfaces and flexible surfaces, the advantages are even more obvious.
    Multiple Hybrid Scanning Technology
    Multi-hybrid scanning technology can make two cameras and projection heads into two measuring units through a specific calibration process. It can improve the single effective measurement range and data quality,
    especially for complex surfaces such as deep holes, grooves and refle-ctive surfaces.
  • Industrial level probe
    XTOM-MATRIX blue light 3D scanning system adopts an integrated shell design, which effectively protects the precision parts such as industrial cameras and industrial lenses inside the probe. All electronic components are purchased and manufactured at highest technological level. Even in various harsh operating environments, the measurement accuracy and stability of the system can be guaranteed. The appearance design of the equipment conforms to ergonomics, and the scanning head band handle design is convenient to operate.
  • Automatic Splicing
    XTOM-MATRIX blue light 3D scanning system supports a variety of automatic splicing method, such as global splicing of marking points, featuring splicing, single-axis or multi-axis turntable automatic splicing and other splicing methods, to ensure the accuracy of data splicing and measurement efficiency.
    High Precision and High Pixel Grid data
    XTOM-MATRIX blue light 3D scanning system can obtain the global distribution of 3D point cloud data and high precision grid data in each measurement. The resolution of the camera can reach 9 million and higher pixels, and the measurement data can show very high resolution of ultra-fine details, so it is also suitable for 3D measurement of micro parts.
  • Calibration is convenient and fast
    XTOM-MATRIX blue light 3D scanning system is calibrated with certified calibrator. The whole calibration process has operation instructions, which is convenient and fast, improves user efficiency and ensures measurement accuracy. When used with turntable, the system can automatically calibrate.
    Applied to complex parts shape
    Even for complex parts, it can easily get complete 3D data information of workpiece. Such as: deep grooves, fine edges, complex parts and so on.
  • Used in conjunction with 3D photogrammetry (XTDP)
    When measuring large and complex parts, the accuracy of global measur-ement and splicing can be effectively improved by using XTDP 3D optical photogrammetry system. The accuracy can reach ±0.015mm/m
  • Automation Application
    XTOM-MATRIX can be equipped with different types automatic turntable and automatic joint arm, which can be used for automatic measurement and inspection of components, quality control in production and manufac-turing process, or batch automatic measurement of multiple components.