3D Defect Inspection

Automated Inspection for high gloss surface
It‘s a online sorting and quality inspection unit that gives you full control over your quality. First time ever, you can have automated quality control for glossy, mirror like products with any shape of surface.

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Make your product quality the winning feature
  • Reducing costs

    Formula is simple: Helmee CSD® is faster than human and cheaper than many humans.
  • Improving quality

    Get optimal, adjustable and precise quality level. No compromises, no deviation — always guaranteed end result
  • Increasing capacity

    With Helmee CSD®, you can a chieve unparalleled inspection speed and increase the yield : up to 10 million parts per year.
  • Streamlining process

    Get spot-on feedback about the quality of the production and inspection process through automatic live reporting, to validate your quality inspection efforts.
Typical surface defect types
  • Scratch

  • Point injury

  • Missing surface coating

  • Pinhole

  • Point defect

  • Dent

  • Fine pores

  • Bump

  • Burn marks

  • Bubble

Defect Inspection of high-gloss parts
  • Surface flaw detection of nickel-plated metal parts

  • Vehicle logo inspection

  • Comparison of vehicle logo inspection body and physical object