3D Metrology

High-precision sensor, precise multi-axis motion system, PTB and NIST-certified 3D metrology software, measure 3D dimensions include GD&T.

Video Demo
3D metrology system, avoid the limitation of the product. Directly scanning the part surface , using the advanced sensor technology in the world. PTB and NIST certified 3D metrology software , measure 3D dimensions include GD&T .

Universal---Integration different 3D sensors, directly scan black, glossy products.

Automation---online and offline, integrated into production line.

Accuracy---With self-developed 3D algorithm, calibration algorithm, to ensure the high precision and repeatability.

Glossy part measurement
Scan glossy parts with curved surface , Measure 3D dimension , Compare deviation with 3D CAD file
High transparent and complex surface part measurement
Scan the optical part, analysis optical parameter , measure the 3D shape , 2D section …