About Us
About Us

Smart 3D Technology(Suzhou) Ltd focuses on 3D measurement and defect inspection of high-glossy&mirror, high-transparency, curved surface parts.

More than 20 years of professional metrology/3D measurement technology, manufacturing experts; well-known 985, 211 University Ph.D., PhD professor optical research team; Germany, Finland, France professional  research.

Provide customers with standardized, modulized and platform-based 3D smart measurement / Inspection systems and services.


  • Purpose



    To lead global industrial smart 3D Measurement and Inspection

  • Mission

    To focus on the 3D Technology for High Glossy,High Transparent, Curved Surface Dimensional measurement and Cosmetic inspection Application;

    To develop the Smart, Lean 3D Measuring/Inspection Equipment and service to create value for our customers

  • Core Value

    Compassion: To be thoughtful of other needs

    Integrity:To match our words with deeds

    Respect:To show respect for others

    Initiative:To take initiative and be responsible